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Middle East Peace Plan - Trump

“And after the sixty-two weeks

Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself;

And the people of the prince who is to come

Shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.

The end of it shall be with a flood,

And till the end of the war desolations are determined.

27 Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;

But in the middle of the week

He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.” Daniel 9: 26-27

The Trump peace plan, also known as the Deal of the Century, is a proposal by the Trump Administration to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The plan was authored by a team led by Senior Advisor to the President of the United States Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law), chief negotiator Jason Greenblatt, deputy national security adviser Dina Powell, and ambassador David Friedman. The development of the Middle East Peace Plan started in November 2017. The plan is divided into two parts, an economic portion and a political portion, essentially the latter deals with the land.

The announcement of the Peace Deal was postponed so many times because of political unrest whether in the region, America and Israel. However, when it seemed possible, the Israeli government collapsed, forcing an election. Initially, an Israeli Election had been due in November 2019, but were brought forward to April following a dispute between members of the current government over a bill on national service for the ultra-Orthodox population, as well as impending corruption charges against incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that was politically motived. The election was won by Netanyahu by the slimmest margin and what happened next was extraordinary. Negotiations between Netanyahu and a number of potential coalition partners stalled. One sticking point between Netanyahu and Israel Beitenu leader Avigdor Lieberman was the passage of the draft law, which is opposed by the Haredi parties in the coalition and on 29 May it was announced that the talks had failed and Netanyahu failed to form a government. A second election was proposed for September 2019.

In June the Trump administration proceeded to announce Phase 1 of the Deal, which is the financial package called "Peace to Prosperity" and was presented in a workshop held in the Manama Hotel, Bahrain on June 25 Bahrain attended by Middle Eastern governments and Israeli business people to boost the Palestinian economy by offering a $50 billion aid package that can only be implemented through an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. The Palestinians, Iran, Russia and China boycotted the summit. The Political Phase will be unveiled after the Israeli Election in Sept 2019. This could be problematic for Trump as there are no guarantees that Netanyahu's Trump-friendly government will stay in power and any progress made with President Trump's Administration is at risk of being revoked by a new Israeli administration. The US are also preparing for the US midterm or off-year elections (general elections of public officials) on Tuesday, November 5, 2019.

The 7 Year Covenant

Trump’s peace deal is not the "covenant" mentioned by Daniel but it could be the framework or the basis for a binding agreement. For a long time I have been intrigued by the wording of the prophecy in Daniel 9: 27, that the Antichrist "shall confirm a covenant with many for one week" (7 years). The word "confirm" is also translated as "strengthen" or "make firm". This is interesting because it implies that some sort of agreement is in place that will be strengthen by the Antichrist or I could be wrong.

It is the Antichrist that signs a seven-year covenant with Israel. The agreement is the catalyst that will trigger the end times. The Antichrist will be a great orator (Daniel 7:8,11; Revelation 13:5) who will initially present himself as a man of peace. But Bible prophecy portrays him as a rider on a white horse who carries a bow and rides out to conquer, but he doesn’t carry an arrow to go with the bow (Revelation 6:1-2). This means that he will come to power by way of political means rather than military ones.

There are so many conspiracies about the identity of the Anti-Christ that he is Obama, Trump, Kushner, or the Turkish President Erdoğan. Whoever this coming Antichrist is, he will be known for sitting down at the negotiating table with Israel and her surrounding enemies and will sign into place and confirms a covenant of peace for 7 years that infers that the covenant will include a provision for building a Temple in Israel because after 3 ½ years the antichrist will claim the rebuilt Jewish temple as his own, halt their sacrifices and sit upon a throne in the temple as “God” known as “abomination of desolation” (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) . Bible prophecy portrays him as a rider on a white horse who carries a bow and rides out to conquer, but he doesn’t carry an arrow to go with the bow (Revelation 6:1-2). This is a picture of peaceful conquest rather than military, likely through international alliances or by way of political means. Many persist with the idea that he is Muslim, however, Daniel 9:26 refutes this presumption in that we are informed that the Antichrist will originate from the people who would eventually destroy the city of Jerusalem, and the sanctuary, referring to the second Jewish temple. The Romans were the people in power when Jesus was crucified, it is them that destroyed Jerusalem and the Second Temple, looting its treasuries.

Again, others argue that Rome did split into two empires and that Eastern Empire is the Islamic nations. However, it was Emperor Diocletian, after 200 years the Second Temple was destroyed, that divided the Roman Empire into halves with the Eastern Empire governed out of Byzantium (later Constantinople – modern day Istanbul) and the Western Empire governed from Rome. Both sections were known equally as The Roman Empire although, in time, the Eastern Empire would adopt Greek instead of Latin and would lose much of the character of the traditional Roman Empire but it was still the continuation of the Roman Empire but in the east. The Prince to come refers to the Anti-Christ and he will be from the Revised Roman Empire, the Western half. The European Union could be the beginning of the Revised Roman Empire.

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