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The aftermath of Israel's On-going Normalisation with Muslim Nations

Recently, Arutz Sheva, has been posting videos on YT and on their website covering the extraordinary unity being formed between Israel and the Arab world.

I was actually emotional, as a former Muslim, watching these videos for the simple reason that God wants to unite Abraham's, Isaac's and Jacob's descendants. But it won’t be through a false peace but one issued by their Messiah. The Millennium Kingdom is a good example of how God will reunite nations under the Messianic reign of Jesus, our King. I do think that whether Trump is re-elected or not, this process will continue with or without the American politicians. Already, Israel, the Saudis and the Gulf states are forming a coalition against Iran and Turkey's increasing aggression and to oppose Biden's Middle East Policy, which is to reinstate the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal. Saudi Arabia seems to be pushing other nations, just like it did with Morocco and Bahrain, to prepare the groundwork for normalisation of Arab countries with Israel even though the Saudis have not done the same.

I believe one of the reasons why the Saudis are doing this is because of the strategic islands that Israel controls, and the Saudis,' as part of their 2030 Masterplan and the NEOM project, headed by the Crown Prince of Saudi, wants to create a $10bn bridge. But they need Israel and the surrounding nations. This is very significant. Interestingly, there is a website called "Bridges for Peace" that primarily promotes peace between Jews and Christians but recently it has been promoting the peace and normalisation agreements.

Two articles to read about the significance of these normalisation process is Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs. The Temple Mount in Jerusalem: from Religious Conflict to Religious Normalisation and the other is Jerusalem Post’s article titled “Two minuscule islands of enormous strategic value”. The latter seems to indicate that Saudi Arabia is pursuing peace to get Muslim countries to normalise relations with Israel in order to gain access to these islands.

In a review of Saudi Arabia's 2020-2021, Saudi Arabia has also been purging antisemitic text from school text books / School Curriculum, maybe to make way for these peace initiatives.

Another interesting aspect of Saudi Arabia taking the lead in these initiatives, is the custodianship of the Temple Mount. In June, Jerusalem Post reported that “Saudi Arabia and Israel are conducting negotiations to allow Saudi representatives to join the Jerusalem Waqf Islamic religious trust that controls the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa, according to a report Monday by Israel Hayom.” This is because in recent months, Turkey has shown interest in East Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

While Jordan had strongly objected to any change in the makeup of the Waqf, in recent months their stance changed after Turkey became involved in east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.
After the clashes surrounding the Gate of Mercy complex and the attempt to install metal detectors at the Temple Mount, Jordan appointed Palestinian representatives to the Waqf. The Palestinian representatives began to allow Turkish organizations to operate on the Temple Mount by establishing foundations to which the Turkish government provides tens of millions of dollars, according to Israel Hayom.
As Turkish influence increased, the Jordanians told Israel and the US that the kingdom was ready to soften its stance concerning allowing Saudi representatives in the Waqf. The addition of Saudi representatives would occur under specific circumstances that won't impact the unique position held by the Jordanian kingdom on the Temple Mount and if Saudi Arabia provides millions of dollars as a contribution to Islamic foundations that operate in east Jerusalem and the Temple Mount and place diplomatic and political pressure to remove the Turkish organizations from the area.
An Arab diplomat told Israel Hayom that if the Jordanians were to allow Turkey to operate on the Temple Mount without interfering, Jordan "would remain only 'on paper' in their definition in the special position of managing the holy places of Islam. They need money and the influence of Saudi Arabia in order to stop [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan."
The diplomat added that Israel and the US have an interest in Saudi support in order to progress the Deal of the Century and the annexation process. "Moreover, Saudi Arabia brings with it the support of the UAE and Bahrain," said the diplomat to Israel Hayom.

Interesting recent developments:

Three ambassadors to the UK publicly come together to mark the Festival of Lights in wake of historic normalisation agreements with the Jewish state.

On the sixth night of Chanukah, people across the globe watched emotionally as the Ambassadors of Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates came together to light the candles in honour of the Jewish festival.

It was the first time the Ambassadors to the UK have publicly come together, representing a new era of normalisation between the nations since the Abraham Accords were signed this year.

Arutz Sheva met Arab Muslim peace activist making Saudi Arabia and Bahrain his home who says normalization benefits everyone..... "People here absorbed anti-Israel propaganda [since the establishment of the State of Israel]," he says. "Some are reluctant [to accept the newly-established peaceful coexistence with our Jewish neighbors] so my role is to familiarize them with the facts about Israel and the Jews, and at the same time get Israelis familiar with the UAE because at the end of the day, it's better for our region..."

"Most people in the UAE have a high level of trust in their leaders, so it's been easy for them to accept the new reality, but the Arab public - which has been influenced by more than 70 years of anti-Israel propaganda - is taking longer to come to terms with the situation," says Alshareef when asked about the local reaction to the accords. "But these is progress," he asserts...."I hope to visit Israel and visit places like Jerusalem and T'koa where the prophets lived, and make a YouTube series about these places," he says. "This will send a very strong message to people, telling them that the Jewish people have lived [there] for 3,000 years and some of their prophets are ones we happen to believe in as well."

Arutz Sheva speaks with delegation member, who describes some of highlights of the trip - including the Western Wall and a Shabbat dinner.

Dr. Majid Al Sarrah, an expert in public policy and a social activist from the UAE, was part of the UAE-Bahrain delegation which just concluded its visit in Israel.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, he called the delegation's visit "historic," and related some of the highlights he had while in Israel, such as an invitation to a Shabbat dinner...."People welcomed us in their home. They considered us as family. It was a great experience." He also noted the delegation had visited the Western Wall.

"It was an amazing experience. We could feel a divine presence, we could feel the bliss of the place and how holy it is. Afterwards, we met a lot of students, a lot of youth from Israel who are so eager and enthusiastic for peace," he also related.

He said one of his big takeaways from the trip was "the importance of meeting people and having a dialogue."..."Israel is a great country. People here live in tolerance. It's a great example of coexistence. A lot of diversity in the society. It was a great opportunity to get to know every person from each community. They live in peace and accept each other, and they're so eager to achieve peace in the Middle East"...."I tell you, it won't just be in the Middle East, but this peace will spread throughout the whole world."

Amit Deri of the Sharaka Project, who organized the visit, said that he hopes the delegation leaves with the message that Israel wants the peace to be "warm, welcoming, engaging," so that "people really get to know each other, and not like the peace - [though] it is important and good - that we have with Egypt and Jordan."

I highly recommend watching Pastor John Haller's Prophecy Update: "2021 Will Be Better, Right?" It is hugely important because he explains why the recent and continuing normalisation / peace agreements between Israel, the Arabs and the Muslim nations is significant prophetically as it deals with the Temple Mount. None of these news items are being reported by the mainstream media or even Christian media.

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