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The Collapse of EU Governments and Post-Brexit Trade Deal

Scandals and self-interest have rocked and toppled governments across the EU bloc while Brussels drags its feet on rolling out large-scale Coronavirus vaccinations and lockdown restrictions increase for fed up populations.

The so-called advanced Western democracies of Europe are being exposed as cabals of vested interests, handshakes in smoke-filled rooms, and the greed for power resulting in minority governments created from artificial but politically expedient agreements that operate on a knife edge.

Though UK is has “left” the EU, members of Boris Johnson’s Conservative (Tory) government have submitted no confidence letters over the continuing lockdown and he is now facing a leadership coup.

I previously posted the news relating to the collapse of the Netherlands Government including the resignation of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, liberal torchbearer of the European Union. Rutte was initially prepared to weather the storm that has rocked the Netherlands after 26,000 parents were wrongly accused of child benefit fraud between 2013 and 2019.

And in Italy, former PM Matteo Renzi has pulled his Italia Viva party’s ministers from the coalition government he supports in Rome, leaving the nation's incumbent leader Giuseppe Conte on the brink after simmering arguments over the €222 billion post-coronavirus recovery plan, the governing coalition has now collapsed with Prime Minister Conti resigning on Tuesday. While the Italians are certainly used to coalitions in power, that does not mean any have been a success. Since the Italian republic was founded in 1946, it has had more than 60 different governments - almost one a year – and 29 prime ministers. Conte himself has led two since he took office in 2018.

Further north, the Estonian government has also now collapsed with PM Jüri Ratas resigning after a prominent businessman and a key government adviser were both accused of impropriety over the €39 million Porto Franco property development. Like Rutte, Ratas is also in a power-sharing agreement, with the conservative Fatherland party and the Eurosceptic right-wing Conservative People’s Party of Estonia and like most parties with populist ambition.

In Germany, the new German CDU leader draws scrutiny for past comments on Syria and Russia. This week we got the first sign of who is leading the race to succeed Merkel as the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) candidate for Chancellor when the party’s members elected Armin Laschet as their new leader.

But as Laschet’s profile has increased, recently unearthed comments in which he has defended Russian President Vladimir Putin and espoused controversial views about the war in Syria have raised eyebrows among foreign policy experts. In a 2014 interview after the Russian annexation of Crimea, Laschet was critical of what he viewed as “marketable anti-Putin populism” among Germans. He has also previously cautioned against vilifying Russia and expressed scepticism about Russia’s involvement in the 2018 poisoning of a U.K. double agent and his daughter…. He isn’t alone in that in German politics. A serious British and American concern for many years has been the degree to which the EU’s most powerful member state is willing to overlook Putin’s increasingly bellicose and aggressive behaviour in return for the benefits of doing business with Russia. Merkel herself has firmly defended the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project – which will extend Russia’s energy clout and prop up her ailing economy – through years of Putin dispatching troops, missiles, assassins and poisons across the borders of Europe and beyond.

Elsewhere, it looks though as the EU is crumbling with three countries (Italy, France and Spain) forming a new alliance that had been forged between the Brexit party with Gianluigi Paragone's Italexit, Charles-Henri Gallois' Generation Frexit and SOMOS España led by Luis Carlos Nogues. The group of Eurosceptics hope their Eurexit Movement can help start a debate about the benefits of quitting the European Union across the bloc.

A German MEP from the Nordic Green Left group in the European Parliament warned that “If the EU does not change its political cause, more member states might follow….. So don’t be surprised that the next time we sit here to lament the departure of another member state. Britain may be the first, but it may not be the last. Brexit should be the wake-up call that we must finally put people and the planet before profit in Europe.”

Could it be that the EU is heading for a 10-nation government? Not just a military union, as French President Emmanuel Macron called for, in 2018 and again in 2019, to bring together a "10-nation coalition of the willing next month designed to prepare European armed forces to take action together in emergencies, and to bind Britain into military cooperation as it leaves the EU”.

Interestingly, the UK is now tied with the EU Defence Union as Macron demanded.

And as warned by a former Brexit Party MEP has warned “BORIS Johnson's trade deal with the EU includes a commitment to pay almost £290million into a defence project which will pave the way for a European army".

Post-Brexit Trade Deal

For the last few months, Boris has repeatedly given several ultimatums, deadlines, to finalise a trade agreement or default to "no deal". On each occasion he has bottled out. I believe that he and his “alliance” in the government have never intended to leave the EU, and I believe they are using the pandemic to distract the public. The media are also using the "fishing" controversy to also deflect with Macron giving "timely" demands. In the midst of this chaos, I learned during the trade discussions that that Boris has already agreed concessions and crossed "Brexit red lines" which the government has quietly negotiated and accepted, like being tied to EU laws. At the time, I concluded that they will be a deal but not Brexit and that the so called "conservative" media will hail as a “Brexit Deal” but it will be a betrayal. There never has been an alternative reporting on Brexit except Brexit Unlocked on YouTube with excellent reporting from Alex Phillips and Ben Habib. For some bizarre reason Farage has been quiet on Brexit but has been ranting about a tiny percentage of illegals entering the coast. This is just another decoy.

But just before Christmas and after endless press conferences on lockdowns and the pandemic, Boris and his cronies hailed a deal was struck, waving a 1200 pages of legal data on what has been agreed with little time for MPs to scrutinise before voting.

Ben Habib, in a YouTube video with Westmonster ("EU Deal can be TERMINATED in 12 months") details how utterly rotten of deal Boris "negotiated" deal for the fishery sector is and how Northern Ireland has been annexed by the EU. Furthermore, the UK will be aligned with the EU via numerous committees that have been established to be a back door entry to full EU regulatory alignment. Ben Habib, former Brexit Party MEP, outlines his concerns over the deal. To him the only good thing about the deal is a clause which gives the option to terminate the Agreement within 12 months. But I doubt Boris will follow this through.

This is just an example of how the EU establishment, from the beginning, had every intention to disrupt the UK’s position in future trading partnerships.

After attending talks with various French authorities already in 2017, former Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne, who was acting as the City of London's envoy on Brexit, said that Emmanuel Macron’s France was actively seeking to exploit Brexit to disrupt and degrade Britain's lucrative financial sector. The meeting with the French Central Bank was the worst I have had anywhere in the EU. They are in favour of the hardest Brexit. They want disruption. They actively seek disaggregation of financial services provision. Every country, not unreasonably, is alive to the opportunities that Brexit provides, but the French go further, making a virtue of rejecting a partnership model with Britain and seemingly happy to see outcomes detrimental to the City of London even if Paris is not the beneficiary.” Mr Browne – a Liberal Democrat minister in the coalition under David Cameron and Nick Clegg – said hostility to the UK was not confined to a few officials but represented a “whole-of -France collective endeavour”. Mr Browne's comments are supported by the fact that France has been reportedly trying to dethrone London as the continent's banker for almost a decade now. In 2012, the former Governor of the Bank of France, Christian Noyer, said London should have been stripped of its status as Europe's main financial hub and sidelined to allow the eurozone to “control” transactions within the bloc. The Government will next week begin urgent talks to try and reach an agreement by March on the future of the UK’s access to EU financial markets. City minister John Glen and senior Treasury civil servant Katharine Braddick will lead the talks for the UK. It isn't just the Financial sector that is an issue in Boris' Brexit Deal. The agreement itself is not what the British public voted for and I'm afraid Boris is telling porkies when he mentioned the "great" achievement over fisheries.

The problem with Johnson's Brexit deal, an article by Ben Habib, details the issues concerning regulation, law, fisheries, defence, climate, and so on.

He states "As for the biggest area of cooperation established in the TCA – the so-called “level playing field” (LPF) – there is nothing good about these provisions. Yes, we have managed to avoid EU laws forming the basis of the LPF. But don’t be mistaken: we have still entered into onerous non-regression undertakings which will make it difficult for us to diverge and deregulate. So in matters of state aid, competition, the environment, employment and taxation we will be effectively joined at the hip with the EU. We will remain a highly regulated and taxed economy. To make matters worse, we have undertaken to become carbon neutral by 2050 (to which Theresa May had admittedly committed us in domestic law but now we will be bound by it in treaty)." There is also the complete media blackouts of what's happening behind the scenes concerning the merging of the UK Defence with the EU Defence Union, including a centralised EU procurement plan even though we have "supposedly" left the EU which under the new Brexit Deal is still in alignment with.
And Ben Habib suggested the bloc’s European Defence Fund was a clear indication of the bloc’s determination to transform itself into a military superstate - while questioning why the UK was involved at all given its ongoing membership of NATO. Buried away on page 1,051 of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) ratified last month is a reference to Horizon Europe, a bloc-wide project due to get underway this year which centred on discovery-led research and facilitating large-scale partnerships tackling global challenges. Mr Habib said: “Horizon Europe until about a month ago was a fairly benign research entity looking into research for climate change and stuff like that. And then in December 2020, two weeks before the cooperation agreement was signed, the EDF was moved into Horizon Europe. So without us actually stating in the trade and cooperation agreement that we are now going to be paying funds into the EDF, we are now committed to pay those funds in.”

In a separate article, Mr Habib said the bloc’s European Defence Union initiative involved a drive towards an independent military industry as well as armaments and a standing army, and he also highlighted the EU’s new 10,000-strong border force, the cost of which he suggested was £18.7billion (€21billion).

He added: “When you go back to 2015 and remember the debate that Nick Clegg had with Nigel Farage, when Nigel said they were aiming to have a standing army and Nick said something like ‘don’t talk garbage, that’s just scaremongering’, they were busy planning it at the same time. “Now there is no way that the deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom did not know what was going on in the Commission. So our political establishment is well-ensconced in all of this.” The European Defence Fund predated PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) which was the EU’s version of NATO, Mr Habib explained. He said: “The EDF was the first of a series of establishments set up by the EU for the creation of this European defence union. And it is effectively a defence fund, so it is for military research. And so the European Union aims to create its own, advanced military-industrial base.

The most sinister thing about this is the way they have lied about it, consistently. Even when asked in public they lied or obfuscated about it. They even denied that it was an EU strategy even though the plans for an EU army and Defence Union was in the Lisbon Treaty that was signed by member states. And yet, as noted above and below, we are seeing the opposite of what is being reported in national newspapers, but within Brussels and its numerous think tanks, or policy institutes and NGOs, is the clear policy that “Europe truly united, with a single policy on defence and foreign affairs, is a pre-requisite for the long-term internal balance between the need for cooperation and the need to maintain a stable political environment”.

The true goal of the EU is federalism; that means one economy, currency, taxation and debt, defence and a central government with a permanent single presidency and foreign affairs secretary without the interference of national governments and the pursue of open borders across member states.

We should be suspicious of an anti-democratic EU now creating its own fighting force in relation to the US and NATO.For example, the first-ever EU uniform was unveiled.For the first time since the beginning of this year, a permanent border and coast guard force has been set up for Frontex. In the past, each Member State has assigned its own border guards to Frontex, but now a blue uniform with an EU constellation on the sleeve badge was featured on the agency’s Twitter account.

To show how politicians, from every party, have lied and betrayed the British people, especially the Conservative party, watch Sir James Goldsmith's video in 1996 of the Referendum Party. It is an excellent depiction of how the EU, our government and politicians have colluded with the European leaders and their bureaucrats. There are also clips of speeches from the aforementioned that will surprise many of you. Interestingly, Sir Goldsmith's presentation is enlightening and he doesn't even realise how prophetic his words line up with the Revived Rome Empire prophesied in Daniel and Revelation - the ruthlessness and the tyranny of the EU system is revealing. He is dead now and he never got the referendum that he worked so hard for but as predicted by him - the UK government, political parties and the politicians will never cease to betray the people, even after a referendum.

Finally, I have been disturbed by the contradictory and frantic responses in recent weeks over Covid. It will not surprise me if Boris and his pals are using the pandemic, with the constant media frenzy and press releases to deflect from the Brexit betrayal.

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