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Simulated Cyber Threat War Games - Coincidence?

Global events are happening at breakneck speed and yet many choose to ignore the news. As I watch the news and see the untold miseries of civil conflicts, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, deaths and a complete breakdown of families and Western economies, the ever-increasing lawlessness, the complete takeover of sovereign nations, by agenda driven technocrats; I look up and know that Jesus is coming.

The Telegraph has reported that a German town, controlled coronavirus without a lockdown. “Tübingen, just south of Stuttgart, has achieved remarkable success in preventing the spread of the virus to the elderly and most vulnerable”. I'm sure like Sweden, this German town will suddenly adhere to lockdown instructions from the men in grey suites. Much like the threats and incentives given to the Curacao and Belarus governments. Even the leftist Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador slammed lockdowns as a form of “dictatorship” during a press conference, telling reporters that such measures betray “authoritarian instincts.”

I am inclined to believe that the recent cyberattacks in the US, UK and other countries is a planned demolition of the global financial systems and governments to make way for the predicted "Global Reset", the world of 1984 and "brave new world". This dystopian future, the consequences of the lockdown, has gone up a level in the last few days and the governments' dictates will eventually lead to a complete breakdown of the world systems.

It is about setting the stage for the man of lawlessness to appear and offer his false peace in the midst of global tumult. This is how the media are reporting the major cyberattacks:

Microsoft has said the UK and six other countries outside the US have been affected by a suspected Russian hacking attack that US authorities have warned poses a grave risk to government and private networks. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s chief legal counsel, said the company had uncovered 40 customers, including government agencies, thinktanks, NGOs and IT companies, who were “targeted more precisely and compromised” after the hackers had gained initial access earlier this year.
The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), the U.S. agency that manages the nation’s stockpile of nuclear weapons, is the latest in federal agencies hacked, according to a new report on Thursday. Officials close to the matter told Politico that the NNSA has evidence of hackers gaining...
Recent days have seen reports of at least two serious cyberattacks against Israeli companies. The first targeted Israeli software firm Amital Data and some 40 of its clients, and the second was against Habana Labs, a processor producer working under Intel. The two attacks are being attributed to...
US President Donald Trump has said it "may be China" who was behind the embedded malware found in US government networks and elsewhere around the world earlier this week.
Trump's comments on Twitter came after US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed the hacking attack on Moscow. Speaking with US talk show host Mark Levin on Friday, Pompeo said the embedded malware was"pretty clearly" the work of "the Russians."
But on Saturday, Trump posted on Twitter that "Russia is the priority chant when anything happens" because the media is afraid of discussing the possibility of Beijing's involvement. He did not cite his reasons for suspecting China. Russia denies involvement
On Friday, Pompeo said private companies and governments around the world had been targeted using third-party software to embed code in their systems.
"This was a very significant effort, and I think it's the case that now we can say pretty clearly that it was the Russians that engaged in this activity," he said, adding that the outgoing Trump administration had kept mute as a "wiser course of action" to allow investigations to unfold following the initial alert made last Sunday.

The first thing that came to my mind was a false flag report of a major hack, I soon changed my mind when I watched John Haller’s Prophecy update. Just as the World Economic Forum (WEF), John Hopkins University and the Bill and Gates Foundation created a live global pandemic exercise known as the "Event 201", another stimulation took place in July that focused on preparing for "Cyberattack". And just as the Rockefeller Foundation created a document 10 years ago about "Lock steps" (from page 18), in the event of a pandemic, so too have these people created a document includes the result of the simulation along with a strategy platform. The leaders are Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Klaus Schwab, Tony Blair, the head of Eastern Europe & Central Asia and General Director Ericsson Russia, Ericsson, IBM, BBC, and others.

The website appears to be Russian, but in English, though WEF are promoting this, and the webinars hosts include leading Russian and Eastern European media influencers and journalists.

Сoncept 2020
The central theme for the live stream was the prevention of a ’digital pandemic’ while for the training we developed an attack scenario which in real life would jeopardise company reputation and data. The teams practised containing this type of attack in real time, and subsequently investigated the incident.
Participants and Partners
120 organisations from 29 countries took part in the Cyber Polygon 2020. The information published on this page is not complete as some participants chose to remain anonymous.
Partners and participantsare global IT companies, state and commercial banks, but the majority are Russian and former Soviet countries as well as ICANN, Accounting Groups, Interpol and Russian representatives of global organisations, and so on.

It is bizarre that Russian, who are the main cause of hacks and cyberattacks, should be included in this project. Could it be that Russia and her Eastern European allies are being used to crash the world systems, financially and ultimately politically?

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