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Weekly round up of news: 7 February

If Donald Trump’s deal does not bring “Peace to Prosperity” (as we expect), we should consider 1 Thessalonians 5:3, “when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them.” In fact, no attempt to make political peace in the Middle East is going to succeed before the return of the Messiah. JERUSALEM – A Cup of Trembling to the Nations by Bill Randles - The UN wants to make it an international city, the Vatican wants custodianship over it, Islam claims it as one of its holiest sites, The Gentiles insist on it being divided into two cities on the capital of the “Palestinian” state, the other side the capital of the Jewish state. Islam doesn’t like the name Jerusalem, they call it “Al Quds,” and so did a senior Obama security advisor in a speech recently. There is a storm brewing exactly as the Prophet said it would; God is making Jerusalem a cup of trembling, making mad the nations of the world.

“All the great rabbis of this generation are saying that the Messiah is about to reveal himself,” Rabbi Amar said at the event. “All the signs the prophets gave, all the signs predicted in the Gemara, the Mishnah, the Midrash, everything is taking place, one by one. All we need is to remain strong for a little bit longer.” “You don’t know that the Messiah is ‘standing against the wall’ [is about to arrive]?’”

Intensive talks are ongoing between Washington, Jerusalem, Cairo and Riyadh to convene a summit in the Egyptian capital in the coming weeks, which will include a meeting between PM Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. White House has told the Palestinians it could be their "last chance... to partake in the diplomatic developments unfolding in the region."

The Obama administration was so hateful towards these communities that it pushed through UN Security Council resolution 2234 that slanderously called them “illegal” after Donald Trump was elected president…. By applying Israeli law to these areas while avoiding a Knesset vote until after the map is corrected, the Netanyahu government will deny Democrats the ability to use Trump’s peace plan against him…. Senior presidential advisor Jared Kushner has said that it would be best to wait until after the election to begin applying Israeli sovereignty to areas in Judea and Samaria. Under normal circumstances, he would be right. But given the larger context in which this issue must be judged, it is fairly clear that delaying the move until after the elections will cause great harm to President Trump, and effectively bury his peace plan while elevating the Israeli left and the Democrats. The Oslo blood libel is over - When Israel embarked on the Oslo peace process it accepted Oslo’s foundational assumption that Israel is to blame for the Palestinian war against it. From the first Oslo agreement, signed on the White House lawn on September 13, 1993, through all its derivative deals, Israel was required to carry out “confidence-building measures,” to prove its good faith and peaceful intentions to Arafat and his deputies.

President Trump says that in his plan, no Israelis or Palestinians will be forced to leave their homes. However, it also lists 15 Israeli towns that would become isolated enclaves deep within the proposed Palestinian state. These towns would be under siege by the Palestinian Authority and would almost certainly be placed under a building freeze. In effect, towns that are not allowed to grow will slowly dry up. Their residents won’t be forced to leave by law, but when forced to live in detached islands within a hostile Palestinian Authority, chances are that many would leave on their own. Today, Israelis are not even allowed to drive through the Palestinian Area controlled Area A, because doing so is life threatening. Placing a small Israeli town deep in a Palestinian domain is simply a death warrant for both the individuals living in these communities and for the communities themselves.

The jar was unearthed at a dig site called Tel Abel Beth Maach near Metula, Israel. “In the Bible, Abel Beth Maacah figures prominently in 2 Samuel 20:14–22 when Sheba, son of Bichri, took refuge there after calling for revolt against King David,” the Biblical Archaeology Society outlines. “Joab’s negotiations with the ‘wise woman’ of the city resulted in Sheba’s beheading. The Bible also describes the city as conquered by Ben Hadad of Aram-Damascus (1 Kings 15:20) and by Tiglath-pileser III in 733/732 B.C.E. (2 Kings 15:29).”

Large 10th century BCE worship complex being excavated at Motza in ancient Judah; 4 miles from Temple Mount, site was ‘sanctioned’ by Jerusalem administration, say archaeologists.… Kisilevitz said …… the excavations have so far yielded every indication of a parallel worship center…. Kisilevitz noted that the Bible records two religious reforms enacted by King Hezekiah and King Josiah, and said wryly that the fact that there were two is very telling about the widespread cultic practices that were being forbidden. According to the biblical account, the kings consolidated worship practices to the Jerusalem temple and eliminated cultic activity beyond its boundaries. Biblical archaeology

Dictatorial paranoia continues to make North Korea (#1) the worst nation. "If North Korean Christians are discovered, they are deported to labor camps as political criminals or even killed on the spot." — World Watch List 2020, Open Doors. Otherwise, as has been the case in all statistics and reports on the global persecution of Christians, not only does "Islamic oppression" remain the chief "source of persecution" faced by Christians in seven of the absolute ten worst nations, but 38 of the 50 nations composing the list are either Muslim majority or have a sizeable Muslim population…. Perhaps the most disturbing trend is that the number of persecuted Christians continues to grow year after year....

The proposal came amid celebrations for the anniversary of the enthronement of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Putin: "all Russian society has benefited” from Kirill's work. Muslims support the patriarch. The Constitution Modification Commissions are working to rewrite the introductory articles. Russia's Newest Law: No Evangelizing Outside of Church - Despite prayers and protests from religious leaders and human rights advocates, the Kremlin announced Putin’s approval yesterday. The amendments, including laws against sharing faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognized church buildings... Russian Evangelicals Penalized Most Under Anti-Evangelism Law - More than half of all cases of alleged violations last year were against evangelicals. Of the 159 individuals and organizations prosecuted for demonstrating their faith in public, 50 were Pentecostals and 39 were Baptists, according to analysis by Forum 18, a news service covering religious freedom issues in Russia and surrounding countries. The tight restrictions on minority faiths have increasingly gotten Protestants in trouble and continue to raise concerns over religious freedom.

The doctor was punished for "rumour-mongering" after he tried to warn colleagues people had a SARS-like virus. A doctor who tried to warn others about the coronavirus outbreak in December has died from the infection, according to Chinese state media. Li Wenliang, a 34-year-old opthalmologist working in Wuhan, died at 3am local time on Friday, the Global Times said.

The Christian leader, identified as "A Wuhan Pastor" by China Source, penned a lengthy letter in which he revealed that fellow pastors from around the world have been reaching out, asking how they can support him….. The pastor emphasized that while Christ has “given us His peace,” that “peace is not to remove us from disaster and death, but rather to have peace in the midst of disaster and death, because Christ has already overcome these things.”

… a tidal wave of problems is sweeping the rest of the world, from earthquakes and volcanic eruptions to record-breaking wildfires, from civil wars in the east to culture wars in the west. At the time of writing, the coronavirus outbreak has taken over 600 Chinese lives and infected tens of thousands, spreading to at least 25 other countries. A locust plague of 'biblical proportions' is devastating East Africa Devastation of ‘biblical proportions’ is also being caused by record-breaking swarms of locusts destroying hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops and pasture land in East Africa, a region already weakened by civil war, droughts, floods and poverty. The invasion could grow up to 500 times bigger by June if not brought under control, threatening a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Swarms have also spread through the Middle East to Pakistan, which declared a state of emergency last weekend.

Thousands of residents in South Island, New Zealand, were forced to evacuate their homes on Wednesday morning, February 5, 2020, after severe flooding hit the region, prompting officials to declare a state of emergency. The severe weather also left hundreds of tourists stranded at Milford Sound on Monday, February 3. The global weather events happening now.

According to the IDF Homefront command, the earthquake measured 3.8 on the Richter scale. The Geophysical institute said that the source of the quake was 5.5 miles off the south-west coast of the Tirat Ha-Carmel. Tirat Hacarmel is located near Mount Carmel, where the prophet Elijah performed miracles to disprove the deities of Baal. Massive earthquakes in Israel are prophesied to accompany the multinational Gog and Magog conflict that will signal the end of times.

Warnings mount over 'insane' report the Liberal govt is using to push for the regulation of internet media content providers…. Former CRTC vice-chair of telecommunications Peter Menzies wrote in the Globe and Mail that in a “breathtaking expansion of scope and bureaucratic hubris” and “a series of invasive and unjustifiable recommendations,” the panel “advocated for a sweeping series of interventions that would make all online media – from online sites such as Rabble to Rebel News and in any language – subject to government regulation.”

Major corporations and one state were listed on the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s 2020 “Dirty Dozen List” of entities that are complicit in “perpetuating” sexual exploitation in any form. NCOSE, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to addressing the “full-spectrum” of sexual exploitation, has put out an annual Dirty Dozen List since 2013.

The Kansas City Chiefs may be the Super Bowl champs, but the real winners, some say, may be liberal activists. If you watched to Sunday's game, then you know that corporate America didn't stay on the sidelines -- at least not where political advocacy was involved….. From Budweiser to Pop Tarts, far-Left groups cheered what they called Sunday's "rainbow wave" -- a flood of pro-LGBT ads featuring everything from transgenderism to same-sex marriage. It was a record-setting year, GLAAD insisted, thanks to TurboTax, Olay, Proctor & Gamble, Amazon Alexa, and others who competed to be the darlings of the fringe Left. In the end, it was Sabra hummus who dropped the most jaws, casting drag queens to pitch its products in a Super Bowl first.

The Facebook CEO has come under fire over persistent accusations that the social media platform has an anti-conservative bias and influenced elections, and has had to appear before Congress for questioning….. It reflects a religious progression in the billionaire who used to declare himself atheist on his Facebook profile….. In December 2016, when asked by a Facebook user if he was still an atheist, he revealed that his views on religion had changed. "I was raised Jewish and then I went through a period where I questioned things. But now I believe religion is very important," he said at the time.

Scotland’s Finance Secretary, a firm supporter of LGBT education for schools, stepped down in the wake of allegations that he attempted to groom a 16-year-old boy over the internet….. The texts make it clear that MacKay knew the boy was only 16, that the boy knew MacKay was a powerful politician, and that the boy did not reciprocate the Finance Secretary’s interest. There were multiple days in which McKay’s invitations to chat went unanswered.

A group of doctors and surgeons authored an article in a prominent medical journal advising practitioners of transgender medicalization on how to override parents who disagree with their children who self-identify as transgender. The article, "Medically Assisted Gender Affirmation: When Children and Parents Disagree” was published in the Journal of Medical Ethics of the British Medical Journal and authored by Dr. Samuel Dubin, a plastic surgeon from the University of Michigan, along with several colleagues

Over the past several years, there has been increasingly divisive debate within the United Methodist Church over the denomination’s stance on homosexuality, acknowledging it as a sin and prohibiting the blessing of same-sex unions. Theological liberals have introduced legislation every four years at General Conference to remove the prohibitive language from the UMC Book of Discipline. Their efforts have always failed.

Dr. ES Williams, a member of Charles Spurgeon’s Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, in collaboration with respected researcher, Reverend Thomas Littleton, has produced a new video titled Albert Mohler and the Gay Revolution. Drawing heavily from Mohler’s own words, a strong case is made that the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has strayed from historical, biblical teachings on one of the most important cultural issues of the day.

The This Morning host, who has been married for nearly 27 years, made the announcement in a message posted on Instagram. Schofield said he has struggled to come to terms with his sexuality for a "very long time", but now feels "brave" enough to share the news. The ITV presenter said speaking to people about his sexuality had "brought him back from some dark places"…. Like Phillip Schofield, my husband of 30 years came out as gay - and I won't ever recover - my reaction was not to feel happy for him, or to admire his bravery and honesty, as so many others seem to have done. Instead, I felt physically, violently sick.

Four years after Tennessee’s governor vetoed a bill that would have made the Bible the “official state book,” the sponsor of that bill is trying again….. “Making the Bible our official state book,” he added, “isn't a violation of either our Constitution or the U.S. Constitution. It is simply a recognition of its historical importance. To preclude the Bible simply because it is religious in nature is anathema to the First Amendment.”

In the briefing following Trump’s acquittal, Nancy Pelosi told the audience that she “prays hard” for Donald Trump. Well, Donald Trump called her out on this for saying that she uses her faith to justify doing what she knows is wrong. “I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong,” Trump said during the prayer breakfast speech, “Nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so.” Putting Democrats on the spot, Trump steals spotlight, again - The Democratic primaries in Iowa turned into a farce and delivered surprising results, all while the American president emerged victorious from his impeachment trial. The 2020 presidential elections are shaping up to be a dirty fight and chances are, we'll all miss the 2016 campaign.

Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas suggested Wednesday that the Russians were behind the vote-reporting app crashing during Monday’s Iowa Democratic caucuses….. While there is no evidence to suggest hackers corrupted the app on Monday, ProPublica found that the app lacked “key safeguards” to protect the integrity of the election and could have been compromised by a skilled hacker.

If Biden or Buttigieg wins the Democratic nomination, they are likely to adopt a foreign policy similar to that of Obama. If Sanders or Warren wins, they will adopt a radical approach involving major changes to various areas of foreign affairs. A hybrid ticket in which the presidential and VP nominees are divided between “moderate restorationists” and “radical renovators” could expose the president, should the Democrats ultimately win the election, to substantial influence from the other ideological camp. No matter who the nominee turns out to be, a Democratic win in the general election could radically change US policy toward Israel and the Middle East. The new Israeli government should prepare well for this possible outcome.

For example, Buttigieg, who has made his military service in Afghanistan a centerpiece of his appeal to voters, chose not to answer a question about whether American troops would still be in that country at the end of four years in office. That was just one of the 19 questions about the most pressing foreign policy challenges — from Iran, North Korea, Israel and Palestine, Afghanistan, Russia, to the use of force for regime-change — that the candidate left unanswered.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren faced heavy criticism from Israel advocates on Friday after she readily answered “yeah” to an audience questioner who asked if she would be skipping the annual American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention in March. Pete Buttigieg takes another shot at Mike Pence, touts 'more humane vision of faith' - “Just because you are LGBTQ doesn’t mean it’s OK to discriminate against you,” he said. “I think most people get that, I think most Christians get that, and it’s time for us to move on toward a more inclusive and more humane vision of faith than what this vice president represents.”

Though I greatly admire the way Boris Johnson has taken the bull by the horns and delivered on his promise of getting Brexit done, there is an ‘enemy within’ that also needs to be driven out of our culture. Political correctness in all its forms must be booted out of the country if we are truly to thrive…… Australian rugby star Israel Folau, on the other hand, has been booted out of the game in his homeland for expressing biblical views on sex, a punishment backed by British officials of the sport. He has now signed with a French-based club on condition he doesn’t speak of his faith! But of course it’s quite ok to use ‘colourful language’, as one England player was reported to have done during their Six Nations opener against France in Paris last Sunday, which they lost 17-24. Jesus said: “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father’s glory with the holy angels” (Mark 8:38). And in Proverbs (18:21), we read: “The tongue has the power of life and death…”

Internal documents reveal that the EU will insist that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) be able to enforce the terms of any deal we strike with the bloc after we leave…..The Times reported that Brussels is set to insist that any matters of EU law should be decided in the ECJ. The documents noted that the bloc wants to “ensure consistent interpretation of the agreement and secure the role of the [ECJ] in this respect”. But Downing Street said the EU court would not be a "neutral arbiter" and dismissed the calls.

If Spain wants to block a future trade deal with the U.K. over Gibraltar, if Belgium wants to stop a deal over fish or if France wants to veto over financial regulation, they have a legal way to do so. The concession to EU countries is buried in the legal section of the draft negotiating directives that the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier presented on Monday. This document refers to Article 217 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union as a legal basis for an EU-U.K. agreement because of the "scope of the envisaged partnership and the ambitious and long-term relationship that it seeks to establish."

Ireland's elections are usually two-horse races. But this time there's a third contender, as a party with historic links to the Irish Republican Army soars in the polls. As Irish voters prepare to choose a new parliament on Saturday, a restive electorate is rattling the two parties that have dominated the country’s politics since it won independence from Britain a century ago, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael…..Polls show a surprise surge — maybe even a lead — for Sinn Fein, the party historically linked to the IRA and its violent struggle for a united Ireland….. The big parties say Sinn Fein’s socialist plans would hurt businesses and hit economic growth. And they have tried to remind voters of the party’s ties to past violence.

Over the past few years, the European Union’s major political fault lines have primarily arisen from internal challenges: Brexit; fears over Italy’s eurozone membership; rule of law problems across Central and Eastern Europe….. In 2020 that seems likely to change. With European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s ambition to lead a “geopolitical Commission,” Macron is the most important driving force behind this change…. Key to his vision is the idea that the EU must become a political and strategic player with one voice and one purpose, first in its own neighborhood and then in the world. It will do this by establishing and acting upon a new form of common “European sovereignty” — at once economic, military and strategic.

In the wake of the latest Islamic terror attack last Sunday in London, in which two people were stabbed by a terrorist who had recently been released from jail and was actually considered so dangerous he was being shadowed by armed police, the government has indicated it will scrap automatic early release for such prisoners….. “It is counterintuitive, even perverse, for a state to grant terrorist prisoners early release in circumstances where they are believed to represent a continuing risk. The government is right to tackle this problem and in my view it is going about this in the right way.”

Community Security Trust annual report finds that 1,805 cases of anti-Semitism were reported in Britain in 2019…. Overall, the increase over 2018 was of 7%, but the category of assault increased by 27% to 157 incidents, said CST, British Jewry’s largest watchdog on anti-Semitism. It’s the highest incident tally in the assault category ever reported to CST in a calendar year. Anti-Semitic vandalism rose by 11% to 88 cases.

IDF service member wounded following drive-by shooting, suffers minor injuries. Attack comes hours after incident near near the Lions' Gate, where Palestinian opens fire and injures one Border Police officer in the arm.

Tension were high a day after two Palestinians were killed and 16 Israelis injured amid Palestinian anger at US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan, unveiled last week with Israel‘s prime minister at his side….. Palestinian Authority (PA) negotiator Saeb Erekat asserted Washington was to blame for the unrest unleashed since the plan was unveiled. “Those who introduce plans for annexation and the legalizing of occupation and settlements are really responsible for deepening violence and counter-violence,” he said. PA President Mahmoud Abbas would go to the UN Security Council with “a genuine peace plan,” Erekat said…. “I think he does have responsibility,” Kushner said on Thursday after briefing UN Security Council ambassadors. “He calls for days of rage in response, and he said that before he even saw the plan.”

"What we found [in prisons] was so shockingly bad that I had to agree to the language in the original report being toned down. With hindsight, I'm not sure that was the right decision." — Ian Acheson, British expert on prisons….. Ian Acheson, "London Bridge attack: I told ministers we were treating terrorist prisoners with jaw-dropping naivety. Did they listen?"

Kushner slams planned Olmert-Abbas meet as ‘almost pathetic’. President’s son-in-law and architect of Trump peace plan says Palestinian leader and former Israeli PM are ‘jealous’ they failed to make peace themselves….. Olmert is expected “to express his opposition” to the US administration’s proposal and reiterate that he and Abbas nearly concluded a peace deal before he left office in 2009 amid corruption allegations. The former premier served 16 months in prison for bribery convictions in 2016 and 2017…. Olmert last publicly met Abbas in Paris in December 2018, during which time he spoke highly of the PA president and argued that — if he had remained in office — he and Abbas would have achieved a peace deal.

This time, it was Abbas himself who dropped the bomb in Cairo. He now intends to "get away" from the West Bank for an extended period during which he will embark on a diplomatic journey in the Arab states and Europe….. Abbas has not left any instructions on how to implement this new policy, nor will he be around to deal with any Israeli or American pressure.

In the twilight of his rule, the leader of the Palestinian Authority is perceived as irrelevant….. Aside from a sparsely attended demonstration at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, there were no demonstrations in any Arab capital demanding “full rights” for the Palestinians in response to the deal’s publication. Even those who signed the Arab League resolution against the Trump plan were placid….. most prominent name on the list of potential replacements….is Maj. Gen. Majid Faraj, the head of the P.A. General Intelligence Services…… personally close to Abbas and is practically the only senior P.A. official who maintains close ties with the U.S. administration, just in case anyone in Ramallah nevertheless feels like looking for Trump’s phone number.

In no other conflict have aggressors been invited by their victims to remain citizens of the country they have been trying to wipe off the map….. Leave aside the uproar among Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, along with certain southern areas of Israel, who are appalled by the prospect of a proposed Palestinian state (it won't happen because it's conditional upon the Palestinians ending their war to exterminate Israel, which they won't ever abandon). Leave aside the way Israel's beleaguered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be using the Trump proposal for electoral purposes (so he's behaving like a politician; big deal)…. Look at the Palestinians themselves for whom that state is intended. What is their reaction to the offer of more than 80 percent of the land for such a state? They're furious.

The main reason Arabs in Israel are afraid of becoming Palestinian citizens is because they know that the Palestinian state will be anything but democratic. Many Arab citizens of Israel see how Palestinians living under the Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank and Hamas in the Gaza Strip are subject to human rights violations on a daily basis. In Israel, Arab citizens participate in the general elections and have their own representatives in the Knesset. In the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Palestinians have been deprived of free and fair elections since January 2006.

Israel incensed after Belgium invites Brad Parker, whose NGO, Defense for Children – Palestine, has accused Israel of war crimes and supports BDS.…. DCI-P calls itself an organization defending the human rights of Palestinian children. It alleges Israel is committing war crimes by "torturing children" and supports the boycott, divest and sanctions movement. The organization has numerous ties with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a designated terrorist group in the US, EU, Canada and Israel, to the extent that Citibank and Arab Bank stopped providing banking services to the NGO.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry responded Tuesday to the threats of European Union High Representative and Vice-President Josep Borrell, who warned that the EU would respond if Israel applied its law over any parts of Judea and Samaria. "The fact that Josep Borell chose to use threatening language toward Israel, shortly after he took office and only hours after his meetings in Iran, is unfortunate, to say the least and very strange," the Foreign Ministry stated.

The European Union foreign policy chief’s unusually strident warning Tuesday that an Israeli annexation in the West Bank won’t pass “unchallenged” reportedly came after he failed to convince Europe’s foreign ministers to issue a similar criticism as a unified bloc. According to Hebrew media reports, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell tried to convince the 27 European foreign ministers who are members of the union’s Foreign Affairs Council to issue a shared resolution criticizing the peace plan proposed by the Trump administration last week, and warning against Israeli leaders’ declared intention to annex significant parts of the West Bank within weeks.

Top EU diplomat Josep Borrell on Monday visited Tehran, where he held talks with Iranian officials on a mission aimed at lowering tensions over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program, AFP reports. Borrell's trip, his first to Iran since taking office, follows a spike in tensions between Washington and Tehran after the January 3 assassination in Baghdad of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

Britain joins the Netherlands, Canada, the United States, Israel, the 22-member Arab League, the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council as well as Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras and Paraguay in making no distinction between Hezbollah's military and civilian wings. In all, more than 30 countries have banned the group in its entirety….. In Germany, the EU's largest member state, a foreign ministry official, Niels Annen, said that a complete ban of Hezbollah would be counterproductive because "we focus on dialogue."….. "Hezbollah is a single large organization, we have no wings that are separate from one another. What's being said in Brussels doesn't exist for us." — Ibrahim Mussawi, Hezbollah spokesman, interview in Der Spiegel, July 22, 2013.

On Wednesday, to the surprise of many, Thomas Kemmerich, from the liberal Free Democrats (FDP) was elected state premier of Thuringia with the help of the far-right party — a first in postwar German history. European parliamentarian Jörg Meuthen, who also serves as Alternative for Germany (AfD) co-chair, was pleased: He told the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that his party now formed a "bourgeois circle" with Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the FDP in the state. …. For Europe's far-right populists, who now form the fourth-largest faction in the European parliament — the far-right Identity and Democracy (ID) group — this represents another breakthrough…German MP denies trivialising Hitler and the Nazis, after comments that trivialised Hitler and the Nazis - Co-leader of the far-right AFD sparked outrage for branding the crimes of Hitler and the Nazis as 'a speck of birds*** in 1,000 years of glorious German history'.

German Jews have raised alarm bells over a Free Democratic Party MP who is on the advisory board of the German-Palestinian Society—a group that promotes the BDS campaign against the Jewish state.

Emmanuel Macron wants to make a new friend in Poland but he has no intention of backing away from his outreach to Russia….. “I wanted to make sure that this trip is the opportunity to clarify misunderstandings that may have occurred, regarding the French position on defense and security on the one hand and toward Russia on the other hand,” Macron told reporters alongside Polish President Andrzej Duda in Warsaw on Monday. “France is neither pro-Russian nor anti-Russian. It is pro-European, and when I look at a map … we see that Russia is in Europe.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin is not preoccupied solely with his country's relations with Israel. In less than four years, he will complete his fourth term in office. But then what?.... "President Putin has decided to appoint as head of the Council … Putin, and without any time limitation," Leonid Gozman, one of the most prominent opponents to the all-powerful leader, puts it sarcastically. But sarcasm is all that the opposition in Russia has left. It has no political power that can actually stop these changes. The only obstacle that might upset Putin's future plans to stay in power is Russia's spluttering economy, and Putin knows it too.

A MAJOR operation to track a deadly Russian sub off the East Coast has failed as the US Navy warns that US North Atlantic waters are no longer a 'safe haven'. Navy Second Fleet command trawled the North Atlantic for Russia's most powerful submarine, the Severodvinsk, but said it remained undetected despite a mission to find it lasting several weeks.

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