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One World Governance: The Great Reset: Local Governments & the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Part 3

They said, “Come, let us build for ourselves a city, and a tower whose top will reach into heaven, and let us make for ourselves a name, otherwise we will be scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.” Genesis 1:4

The Lord nullifies the counsel of the nations; He frustrates the plans of the peoples. Psalm 33:10

Updated 20 October 2020

The Great Reset

Increasingly, the pandemic that caused the world to shut by leaders, is offering opportunities for a “Great Reset” and the call for nation states to form a "Democracies 10”. After peddling coronavirus lockdowns that crushed the economy, globalist leaders are stepping in to offer their proposed “solution” to the crises they themselves unleashed: a “Great Reset” to transform the world and everything in it, supposedly for the benefit of the masses, but really for the benefit of the ruling classes.

The brainchild of the World Economic Forum, a globalist group of powerful wealthy elites that meets every year in the Swiss ski-resort town of Davos, the “Great Reset” aims to fundamentally re-engineer industries, societies, education, agriculture, and more. It is not about the Covid-19, although it’s been used as a cover to engage, it is a Transformation project for the whole world, a continuation of the New World Order, rebranded. It covers every area of our lives: education, citizenship, health, economy, global governance (one world government), technology, media, climate change, UN 2030 Agenda, employment; and through Pope Francis’ endorsement, it is engaging organised religions to unite under “Common Good” and “Mother Earth (Gaia worship, New Age religion), even traditional Catholics are alarmed. I do hope that the Catholics wake up and realise that their church is not biblical.

For a detailed analysis, I highly recommend watching these videos:

Your Guide to The Great Reset by the Corbett Report, an excellent detailed and factual report with show notes that lists source material. James Corbett’s overview: “You’ve all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

These two videos, The Great Reset and The Man Behind the Curtain and Connecting the Dots: The Great Reset & The Fourth Industrial Revolution, contains information concerning the UK and how the Great Rest and the UN's "Build Back Better" has been embraced by Boris Johnson’s government.

Its advocates are openly saying as much, with WEF boss Klaus Schwab declaring “all aspects of our societies and economies” need to be “revamped.” Even “our thinking and behavior” will have to dramatically shift, he said. A WEF statement marketing the controversial scheme also calls for a “new social contract” centered on “social justice.” A profile of “Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset” and why the Great Reset is really not so original but a “fascist project, in Italy and Germany” that was a “merger of state and business”, is detailed in this article.

“Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed,” added Schwab, calling for even “stronger and more effective” government. “We must build entirely new foundations for our economic and social systems….This global pandemic has also demonstrated again how interconnected we are,”… We have to restore a functioning system of smart global cooperation (my emphasis) structured to address the challenges of the next 50 years. We only have one planet….Meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is essential for the future of humanity,”….The World Economic Forum is committed to supporting this effort, and working with the United Nations to build a more prosperous and equitable future.”

“The Great Reset is a welcome recognition that this human tragedy must be a wake-up call,” he said in his remarks which were also posted on the WEF’s website. “We must build more equal, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics, climate change and the many other global changes we face.”

IMF boss Kristalina Georgieva boasted of the “very massive fiscal stimulus” being “injected” into the global economy. This massive infusion of cash looted from humanity must be used to forcibly restructure the economy so it can be rebuilt “greener” and “smarter” and “more fairer” in the future.

For instance, she said governments and international organizations could put in place “incentives” such as “carbon prices” to force companies to do to meet UN goals.

Communist leaders, including members of the mass-murdering Communist Party of China, are now openly joining forces with capitalist bigwigs and Big Business CEOs to push the scheme. Guterres, the former chief of the Socialist International alliance of Socialist and Marxist parties, also lent his support to the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

The mass-murdering regime enslaving Communist China played a “crucial role” in developing Agenda 2030, as Beijing’s propaganda organs boasted after it was signed. Not surprisingly, the dictatorship — literally the most murderous government in human history — is also playing a growing role within the WEF.

At the 2017 WEF meeting in Davos, Deep State globalists were tripping over themselves to shower praises on Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping. With President Donald Trump in the White House throwing a monkey wrench in the gears of the globalist machinery, the mass-murdering tyrant was seen as the new defender of the “liberal world order.” Yes, seriously. The rise to prominence of Beijing has long been part of the globalist plan.

One of the nine speakers and boosters for the Great Reset was Communist Chinese operative Ma Jun, chairman of the “Green Finance Committee” and a bigwig at the People’s Bank of China. In his remarks on the Great Reset, Ma emphasized “Green” over and over again, calling for “Green” stimulus and a “Green” economy directed by “Green” incentives, employment schemes, subsidies, and more.

UN, communist, and globalist leaders have all started using the term “green economy”, even Obama’s “Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones, for instance, was forced to resign when his revolutionary Maoist views become well known. And the “Green New Deal,” which mirrors the Great Reset scheme, is transparently a recipe for global tyranny and poverty.

Build Back Better

The United Nations University is an organ of the United Nations established by the General Assembly in 1972 to be an international community of scholars engaged in research, advanced training, and the dissemination of knowledge related to the pressing global problems of human survival, development, and welfare. Its activities focus mainly on the areas of peace and governance, environment and sustainable development, and science and technology in relation to human welfare. The University operates through a worldwide network of research and postgraduate training.

Building Back Better (BBB) is a program that was first officially used in the United Nations' Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction document, which was agreed on at the Third UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held on March 14–18, 2015, in Sendai, Japan. The UN General Assembly adopted this document on June 3, 2015. The “Build Back Better” slogan is also been used by WEF stating that a "true recovery from COVID-19 will not be about putting things back together the way they were: we need to ‘build back better’, to 'reset', if we are to address the deep systemic vulnerabilities the pandemic has is about building real resilience, driving equitable and sustainable growth, and reinventing capitalism itself."

Government leaders are now using the "Build Back Better" slogan, affirming that post covid-19 things will be different and that the world needs to embrace the “new normal” by building back a better systems incorporating economy, workforce, environment and strengthening intergovernmental structures. The Democratic presidential nominee for the US 2020 election, Joe Biden, using same slogan as a campaign motto and Boris, while speaking at his party's annual conference, had a sign with the same slogan, stating that "nothing will be the same again after Covid-19". United Cities and Local Governments

Leveraging the current crisis to reinvent cities is a global theme. In a round-table discussion for Foreign Policy, Robert Muggah of Brazil’s Igarapé Institute calls the pandemic “an opportunity for urban planners and entrepreneurs to build back better.”

United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) is an umbrella international organisation for cities, local and regional governments, and municipal associations throughout the world that is concerned with representing and defending the interests of local governments on the world stage.

Directly-elected mayors were first introduced by the Local Government Act 2000. In 2012 David Cameron threw his whole weight behind the referendum campaign in favour of elected mayors, saying he wanted a "Boris in every city". Nine cities including Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Leeds and Coventry voted No. The only city to vote yes in its referendum was Bristol. The Global Parliament of Mayors and the Abolition of the Electorate
In the process of regionalisation, which is leading us all towards global government, we have been witnessing the incremental transfer of nation state sovereign powers to supra-national bodies. One obvious example is the 28 member states of the European Union where the majority of laws can only be proposed by the un-elected members of the EU Commission. Two other fledgling supra-national regional bodies can now be found on the EU's doorstep, although neither of these has received much mainstream media attention. Former elected leaders and non-state actors, who operate across country borders, can be seen to be assisting this regionalisation process. In this article our aim is to expose this process, and its' facilitators, to a wider audience. In 2013 World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair set up the Global Network of Delivery Leaders. The World Bank report of the event revealed that "the leaders met with Kim and Blair during the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting [and] the World Bank Group and the Office of Tony Blair will provide technical support to the network and its members." One vehicle through which Tony Blair directed his involvement was via the Tony Blair Africa Global Initiative and its website mirrors the World Bank narrative of the above event. The Regionalisation Process - Building the Institutions and Systems of World Government

The organization achieved inclusion of Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities into Agenda 2030, aggregates best local practices into action plans, provides regular updates on the progress and proposals to High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Its day-to-day activities include hosting meetings of mayors and other local and regional leaders, running joint projects with partners, organizing international peer-to-peer training on local policies and practices, and advocacy for the interests of local and regional governments at the UN.

Technology - Fourth Industrial Revolution

The “Global Reset” also includes a plan "Fourth Industrial Revolution". It is basically a global takeover of industries and public policies by the central banks, multinational corporations, big tech technocrats and billionaire funded foundations.

The phrase Fourth Industrial Revolution was first introduced by Klaus Schwab, executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, in a 2015 article published by Foreign Affairs, "Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution" was the 2016 theme of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland. On October 10, 2016, the Forum announced the opening of its Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco. This was also subject and title of Schwab's 2016 book. Schwab includes in this fourth era technologies that combine hardware, software, and biology (cyber-physical systems), and emphasizes advances in communication and connectivity. Schwab expects this era to be marked by breakthroughs in emerging technologies in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the internet of things, the industrial internet of things, decentralized consensus, fifth-generation wireless technologies, 3D printing, and fully autonomous vehicles.

The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently stated, post Covid-19, the world will be different and much more digital than before:

“One thing that’s clear is that we’re seeing the mass digitalisation of human relations with the crisis, and that will have an inevitable impact…. “The future will be much more digital than the past. This is going to provide a major impetus for the development of artificial intelligence, for the development of all the cyberspace activities,” he added.

An unprecedented mobilisation of resources equivalent to nearly 10% of each country’s gross domestic product will be needed, the UN secretary-general said.

Furthermore, he said the world cannot return to the former status quo once the recession is over.

“We need to take advantage of this opportunity so that the recovery can ensure we have an economy that’s more inclusive, more sustainable, more capable of resisting epidemics, climate change and all the other challenges we face,” he said. He celebrated how the partnership would help bring the private sector onboard. However, the same technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will make millions of people economically irrelevant and make it easier to monitor and control.

I can't help but wonder that the campaigns and initiatives of the “Great Reset” is reminiscent of bygone era that mentions the coalition of collective individuals with one aim, to govern. I am referring to Carroll Quigley’s book, Tragedy and Hope, which has become a kind of bible for “conspiracy theorists” world-wide. Quigley identifies an influential English clique cantered on Oxford University, the "Round Table Group", who, he says, played a major role in shaping British policy during this period, often operating behind the scenes. They were closely connected to some of the American East Coast financial establishment, in particular to J.P. Morgan and his powerful associates, and at some points were able to exert great influence on the US government as well. Quigley in no way tries to sensationalize the idea, or portray these people as unscrupulous or evil. On the contrary, his admiration for them is obvious: he feels that they did a great deal to try to make the world a better place, even if their plans did not always lead to the results they intended.

Quigley stated that the intentions and objectives of the group he profiled, associated with Wall Street and the City of London and Cecil Rhodes' super-imperialism, were "largely commendable". Members of the group, in statements recorded by the New York Times in 1902, proclaimed that they formed their society for the purpose of "gradually absorbing the wealth of the world". Many have speculated that Quigley was linked to these people. He was also Bill Clinton’s professor.

Another writer was the American economist Anthony Sutton who “uncovered and exposed the globalist cabal and subsequently got kicked out of UCLA and Stanford as his books were blacklisted.” Patrick Wood, Technocracy News, the online website that documents the trends of global governance, co-authored Trilaterals Over Washington, Volumes I and II , which was also blacklisted and suppressed.

COVID-19 has presented one of the most formidable challenges in recent history to governments, businesses, and society. Many consider it to be the ultimate tipping point for the 21st-century. The pandemic is a wake-up call for companies to have a plan to deal with disruptions to ensure business continuity. It is also a watershed moment that will signal the fast-track acceleration process for digitization throughout society….companies also need to work closely with governments and international agencies like the World Economic Forum to develop a set of global norms and broad-based policy frameworks to support the transition to a 4.0 world. We will continue to raise the awareness of this through our current partnerships such as United Nations Global Compact and Global Compact Network Thailand to galvanize more public-private partnerships in this area.
By harnessing the potential that exists in cross-sector stakeholders collaborating with each other, there is a real chance to radically rethink value chains to make sure a digitized, connected world will facilitate society as we “build back better”. How digitization and innovation can make the post-COVID world a better place – World Economic Forum

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